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Vocal Recording

What is vocal recording?

Vocal recording, also known as vocal tracking, is the process of capturing a recording artists voice in a studio setting, usually through a large condenser microphone into a DAW. It is a crucial part of the music production process. Sound engineers will usually record multiple takes, which allows the engineer to pick from the performers best vocal takes during the editing process.

What is vocal editing?

Vocal editing involves altering a vocal performance. This can include adjusting the timing and volume of the recorded vocal tracks, and removing unwanted sounds such as breaths, pops, and clicks. During the editing process, the sound engineer can splice together different vocal takes from the recording process to achieve the best possible sounding vocal performance. From there the vocals can be easily mixed into an instrumental / beat, and then mastered for worldwide digital release.


Tips for recording artists before entering the booth!

Recording vocals can be a lengthy process that requires a lot of patience and preparation. Before recording vocals, practice the song and make sure that the lyrics are memorized. It is important to warm up the voice before you start recording as well. It is also very important to find a comfortable recording space with minimal background noise. Once the vocalist is ready, it is crucial to set up the microphone correctly, adjust the gain and use a pop filter to reduce plosives. Once the levels are set correctly, the vocalist can begin recording the vocals. If necessary, the vocalist can record multiple takes to ensure the best performance. Once the vocals are recorded, the engineer can edit the takes, add effects and mix the vocals into the track.

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Vocal recording sessions include editing and a rough mix


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