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Audio Mixing

What is audio mixing?

Audio mixing is the art of taking recorded audio elements and combining them together to create a single track. This is done by using equalization, compression, panning, and other effects. Depending on the genre, the sound engineer will use different techniques to achieve a desired sound. Auto-tune, reverb and delay can also be used to further shape the sound of the mix, and to add depth and character to the vocals. The ultimate goal of audio mixing is to create a song that is balanced and sounds professional, that is ready to be mastered by a mastering engineer.

Tips to consider before mixing a song!

Start with a pre-mix! Before you start fine tuning your song, get a rough mix of all the elements within your project and make sure that you are happy with the overall sound. This will make it easier to make quick adjustments later on in the mixing process. Generally, the vocal will be one of the loudest elements within the mix, so it is very important to make sure that it is well balanced and blended in properly with all of the other instruments that are in the beat.


Mastering requires a properly mixed track in a 24 bit - 44.1 wav file

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