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Audio Mastering

Simply put, if recording and mixing a song were like taking your ride to a car wash to get washed, then mastering is like getting your ride waxed.

Let us wax your tracks!

What is audio mastering?

Mastering is the art of taking an audio mix, also known as a 2-track, and optimizing the sound utilizing eq, compression, multiband processing, and limiting, to achieve a sonically balanced record. A mastered song will have sound levels that are of an industry standard, that is ready for worldwide digital distribution. Mastering also involves embedding important meta data into your song, which is the digital thumbprint to ensure that you receive the royalties in which you are owed.


Tips to consider before mastering a song!

Start with a clean mix! The most important part of the mastering process is to start with a professional, well balanced mix. After your song has been properly recorded, and the sound engineer has made sure that all of your levels are correct, it's now time to get your track mastered.



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