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What is audio mixing?

Understanding the art of audio mixing in music production: Music is a universal language that transcends cultures. It is an art form that has evolved over centuries and incorporates various elements to create a harmonious blend of sounds. One of the essential elements of music production is mixing, but what is music mixing? This blog…

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Understanding editing and mixing

Revealing the art of sound: In the field of music production, the terms “editing” and “mixing” are often used, sometimes interchangeably, but they represent different stages of the creative process. These processes are the invisible hands that shape raw audio recordings into the polished gems we hear on our favorite albums. In this blog, we…

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Why is recording called tracking?

What is tracking when recording music and what does it mean? When it comes to producing music, there are certain terms that many recording artists just do not understand. Both sound engineers and producers alike use specific terminology amongst each other within the studio. One widely misunderstood term is “tracking” or “vocal tracking”. So what…

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During the Corona Virus Pandemic, know that we are taking every precautionary measure that we can to ensure a safe and sterile environment in the studio for all clients and staff members alike. We will be disinfecting any shared studio equipment between sessions. If you would like to bring your own headphones you may do…

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